Build your Digital Workplace

The most suitable solution for unifying all company and employee data.
A single, customizable portal for complete harmonization of your information system.
Give new meaning to information in your

Google Edition

MS 365 Edition

Empowering Efficiency and Innovation

Enhance innovation and efficiency without disrupting your workflow.
Capitalize on existing IT investments while accessing powerful native applications.

Stay connected across devices with personalized interfaces that mirror your brand’s identity.
My Workplace ensures accessibility and ease of use, keeping your essentials at hand.

Leverage multiple AWS-Amazon infrastructures in Australia for optimal service availability and reliability.
My Workplace streamlines operations and supports your organization’s growth.

Empower collaboration and idea sharing with intuitive tools and seamless integration.
My Workplace adapts to your needs, making work simpler and more productive.

Create Your Optimal Digital Workspace Environment

Enhance your employees’ experience with MyWorkplace Cloud, which ensures a coherent, unified day-to-day environment by integrating your different tools and applications within a collaborative solution.
Your intranet becomes a Digital Workplace.

Liberty Edition

Choose a sovereign alternative

Meet your communication and collaboration needs by opting for sovereignty: integrate your platform with the tools you already use (exchange, zimbra, collabora, bluemind, GotoMeeting…).

Google Edition

Collaborate Seamlessly in Your Digital Workplace

Make the most of your Google Workspace suite, while benefiting from a complete and flexible Digital Workplace with MyWorkplace Cloud.

MS 365 Edition

Enhanced Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365

Complement your Microsoft 365 uses (email, videoconferencing, co-editing etc. ) with a Social Intranet and Digital Workplace integrating all your business applications and processes.

Why MyWorkplace Cloud ?

Cloud offer

For greater flexibility, simplicity and a high level of safety


To better manage workflows and automate processes


For easier project management with "project portfolio" visibility

Usage analysis

For optimum use of resources and tools.