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The most suitable solution for unifying all company and employee data. A single portal for all major applications in one place for complete harmonisation of your information system. Give new meaning to information in your business.

My Workplace gives your company the means to innovate and gain efficiency without revolutionising your organisation. Keep the IT tools you have invested in that work and capitalise on them thanks to My Workplace.
Give meaning to both your ideas and those of your colleagues, while having access to high-performance, user-friendly native applications. My Workplace follows you everywhere, on any device and keeps your essentials in your pocket. By personalising your interfaces to reflect your company image, get the best out of the adopted solution. It’s simple and quick, and we have several AWS-AMAZON infrastructures in Australia for convenience and a high availability of services.


with your favorite environment

Streamlined and complement the uses of Microsoft 365 in a comprehensive, coherent and cross-functional Digital Workplace to meet your organisational and business challenges.

Complement Google Workspace with a social collaborative intranet and reconcile individual and collective efficiency in a cross-functional, made-to-measure Digital Workplace.

Unify communication and collaboration in a complete Digital Workplace, integrated with the alternative solutions you choose.

Create the digital workplace that suits you

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MyWorkplace is the only solution that lets you build a personalised Digital Workplace, hosted in the cloud, with the uses and functionalities adapted to you employees, to build their ideal working environment.


Effective information channels for everyone!

  • News and Events: Share company information effectively through articles or event information. Get your staff involved in just a few clicks!

  • Thematic monitoring: Create spaces for sharing information on internal or external subjects and consolidate links between employees.

  • Media library: Provide easy access to multi-media content and promote internal team cohesion by allowing you to post images, videos, or audios.

  • News flashes and quizzes: Share information faster and publish it to the entire organisation in seconds.


Effective collaboration spaces.

  • Conversations: Capitalise on subject-related discussions and find a discussion thread more easily.

  • Communities: Create teams dedicated to a project or topic and provide access to external partners if necessary to centralise information.

  • FAQs and wiki: Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions and save time. Share your meeting minutes in a dynamic wiki form webpage, so no need to create a document.

  • Organisational chart: Formalise your company organisation to provide clarity on each person’s level of responsibility. Identify expertise with the expert directory.


Boost productivity, which is a key success factor for business.

  • Project and tasks: Build and share your projects and tasks with ease, add labels, durations, adjust your schedules, attach documents, and bring your teams together.

  • Personalised forms: Create paperless request management by building department or service-specific forms.

  • Validation circuit: Benefit from the workflow engine to build your validation circuit regardless of the type of content within My Workplace.

  • App Launcher: Build your custom app launcher and access all company-recognised apps while remaining logged in.

  • Mind map: Use tools to draw and discuss with your teams, with simple to implement concepts that encourage decision-making.

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  • News & Events
  • Thematic watch
  • Media Library
  • News flash
  • Quiz


  • Conversations
  • FAQs
  • Ideation spaces
  • Wiki
  • Organisation chart
  • Calendar


  • Project & task
  • Custom forms
  • Approval workflows
  • Calendar
  • Mind maps

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